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The Law of Resistance

558337_558571937249_2000631839_nWhen we hear about success, it is often said that the process is dream, struggle then victory. Why then, do so many people ┬ádream, struggle then quit? Meridith Nathan, a leadership speaker I recently heard, talked about the law of resistance. This is the wall that people hit when ‘the going gets tough’. This is the pain threshold. This can be long extended periods of time too. This is the make or break for the majority. This is where the growth happens. Pressure is where the growth happens. It is where coal becomes diamond. In the attached picture, there are two levels people pass through, one is ‘suck threshold’ and the second is ‘kicking ass threshold’. To get through these though there is only one defining factor, can you grind it out for extended periods of time to reach mastery?