Facing fear

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Over the past 18 months something Karina and I have observed over and over again is people who come within inches of the fears that are holding them back in life however they stop and regress because they perceive that the temporary pain will be to much and too uncomfortable to handle. Every person, whether they like it or not have fears, defects and shortcomings that they need to address if they want to perform in life. 2 years ago, I was riddled with the fear of rejection from women when expanding our business team. So much that it came to a point that I would not contact them and would pass their cards to my wife. After having no success and failing to get any traction due to the lack of business with women, my wife and I had the discussion around my fear. I made the decision to man up and although it was desperately uncomfortable at the time calling them, our business team now is thriving because we have strong women at the helm. One of my favourite business leaders Larry Winters points out that “Your greatest struggle will be your greatest victory” which is so accurate in this situation. Now I know that this will not be my last struggle nor victory however I think it needs to be pointed out that if you want to go to the next level in your life, you need to man up and stop being tormented by the shackles of what you percieve others to think of you. That strategy will always lead to failure. Lets man up and face some of our stuff.

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